#maptimeDavis Archive

#maptimeDavis: What are California cities and counties planning?

Learn how to search the contents of California's land-use plans, what land-use plans and zoning does,

Get Started with Drones in Scientific Research (#maptimeDavis)

Get started using drones in your research!

Introduction to GIS with QGIS (#maptimeDavis)

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Building Web Maps with Leaflet (#maptimeDavis)

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ArcGIS StoryMaps

Learn about use cloud-based data collection applications in the ESRI ecosystem.

Event CANCELED: CaSITA: Real-Time Access to GOES-R Weather Satellite Data

Learn about UC Davis' real-time GOES satellite data!

Webhooks with ArcGIS (#maptimeDavis)

Learn how to set up an use webhooks with the ESRI ecosystem.

Multispectral Kite Aerial Photography & Photo Processing (#maptimeDavis)

Get started working with drones for research!

Cartography for Map Figures in Academic Journals & Books (#maptimeDavis)

Learn how to make map figures for academic publications such as journal articles and books.

Introduction to Google Earth Engine (#maptimeDavis)

Get started with performing spatial analysis tasks with Google Earth Engine.