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Unlocking Insights from Public Data
A Case Study with COVID-19 Exposure Data

Throughout the pandemic we have seen a proliferation of public data reporting and sharing, which for many may have been their first exposure to dashboards and real-time data visualization. To help our community engage with public data and to illustrate how data science workflows and tools can be combined to create similar impactful visualizations, the DataLab team focused on a dataset that had not yet been visualized – campus COVID-19 exposure data. The UC Davis DataLab hopes the community finds this visualization useful as an exploration tool and example of the power of good data viz.

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Affiliate Spotlights

Chen-Nee Chuah, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Science and DataLab Faculty Advisory Group Member

Chen-Nee Chuah’s research interests have evolved during her twenty-year career at UC Davis, but one thing remains the same: she’s interested in data-driven, living systems and the people that use them. "Over the years, I have applied…data-driven analysis from end to end, from collecting data to analyzing it, to actually transferring it to data-driven control, or designing some kind of optimal control of the whole pipeline," she says. During her PhD and the early convergence of internet voice, video, and data services, Chen-Nee trained in computer networks and distributed systems, and this work now informs which inform her collaborations with UC Davis Health on smart health technologies that assistant clinicians in making life-saving diagnoses.



Andrea Yang, English PhD Student and DataLab Digital Humanities Intern

Andrea Yang is an English PhD student at Davis and DataLab’s Digital Humanities Intern. As an undergraduate, she studied both English and Computer Science: “two majors that had nothing to do with each other,” according to most people she talked to who were confused by her future career path. Fully prepared to leave behind her literary background, she pursued a Master’s in Computer Science: but the experience exposed her to text mining and digital humanities and instead set her on a path to unite her two passions via her work as a digital humanities and early modern literary scholar here at Davis.


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