Cultural Analytics

Winter 2023: biweekly Thursdays, 4-5pm

Members of the Cultural Analytics Research and Learning Cluster (CA RLC) use computational methods in concert with cultural data to undertake research in the humanities and social sciences. We understand “cultural data” in a broad sense. Members’ research encompasses everything from early modern print and images to newspaper archives, music transcriptions, social media, and more. To all such data-driven research the RLC adds a key dimension: active awareness of, and critique about, the many ways data and society intersect.

Participation is open to anyone at UC Davis, at any skill level. RLC members tend to align themselves with research communities in the digital humanities, media studies, science and technology studies, linguistics, and computational social science. Members collaboratively decide on our topics, themes, discussions, and readings. Typically we host speakers, run open research presentations, and hold conversations and tutorials about particular methods.

The CA RLC is co-sponsored by the DataLab and the UC Davis English Department.

For more information please contact DataLab postdoc Tyler Shoemaker or Executive Director Carl Stahmer.

2023-24 Theme: Text as Data

For the 2023-24 academic year, the Cultural Analytics Research and Learning Cluster will be engaging with the theme “Text as Data.”

Events Calendar: 2023-24 AY

10/5/20234:00 – 5:00pm2023 PlanningShields 362
11/30/20233:30 – 5:30pmText as Data ReceptionShields 360


11/10/223:00 – 4:30pm2022 WelcomeZoom
1/23/20233:00 – 4:30pmReadingReading: Lauren F. Klein, “The Image of Absence”Zoom
2/6/20232:00 – 3:00pmReadingReading: Jerome McGann, Radiant Textuality excerptsShields Courtyard
2/20/20232:00 – 3:00pmReadingReading: essays from the “Dark Side of the Digital Humanities” issueShields Courtyard
3/20/20232:00 – 3:00pmGeneral discussionReviews in DH selectionsZoom
4/13/202311:00am – 12:00pmGeneral discussionReviews in DH selections (continued)Zoom
4/27/202311:00am – 12:00pmReadingSelections from Post45 7: Post45 x Journal of Cultural AnalyticsShields Courtyard

*for a Zoom link, contact Tyler Shoemaker.