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Below are job listings submitted to us by our community members and external organizations.  All require data science skill sets, and some also require additional domain expertise.  To learn more about a specific position or if you have any questions, click the posting link and contact the respective hiring organization.

We list off-campus and other job announcements to help connect our community with potential opportunities.  These postings should not be inferred as endorsement of any named companies, entities or products.

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Job Title
2020-11-9Research Data Scientist: COVID-19 Response AnalysisNew York, NY, USA11/18/2020Ph.D GraduateNon-profitContract
2020-11-9USDA-ARS Machine Learning & AI in Nutrition Research FellowshipDavis, CA, USA9/30/2021Ph.D GraduateGovernmentPost-Doc
2020-11-9Population Dynamics & Modeling Biometrician I, II, or IIIOlympia, Washington, USA11/18/2020Master's DegreeGovernmentFull-Time
2020-11-9Data Science InternBoulder, CO, USACurrent UndergradIndustryInternship
2020-11-9Data Science InternNew York, NY, USACurrent UndergradIndustryInternship
2020-11-9Data ScientistSan Francisco, CA, USABachelor's DegreeNon-profitFull-Time
2020-11-9Data AnalystSan Francisco, CA, USABachelor's DegreeNon-profitFull-Time
2020-11-9Technology FellowNew York, NY, USABachelor's DegreeNon-profitFellowship
2020-11-9Research and Data Analyst - Office of Diversity & InclusionWASHINGTON, DC, USAMaster's DegreeGovernmentFull-Time
2020-11-9BioData Catalyst Fellows Program12/4/2020Current Grad StudentGovernmentFellowship
2020-11-9Gladstone-BTS FacultySan Fransisco, CA, USA2020-12-05Ph.D GraduateAcademiaFull-Time
2020-11-9Gladstone-DEB FacultySan Fransisco, CA, USA2020-12-05Ph.D GraduateAcademiaFull-Time
2020-11-9Assistant Professor of Data ScienceBoston, MA, USAPh.D GraduateAcademiaFull-Time
2020-11-9Computational Social Science (CSS) GSRDavis, CA, USACurrent Grad StudentAcademiaPart-Time
2020-11-9Head of Data and InnovationLondon, UK11/16/2020Bachelor's DegreeNon-profitFull-Time
2020-11-9Interdisciplinary Biologist/Physical Scientist (Data Scientist)Fort Collins, CO, USA2020-11-03Bachelor's DegreeGovernmentFull-Time
2020-11-9Interdisciplinary Biologist/Physical Scientist (Data Scientist)Fort Collins, CO, USA2020-11-03Bachelor's DegreeGovernmentFull-Time
2020-11-10DataKind Technical LeadNew York, NY, USABachelor's DegreeNon-profitFull-Time
2020-11-10Education Data Science and Learning Engineering FellowshipRemote11/30/2020Current UndergradAcademiaFellowship
2020-11-10Research Computing Facilitator (Search on Site)St. Louis, MO, USABachelor's DegreeAcademiaFull-Time
2020-11-11Postdoctoral researcher in Computational Social ScienceAmsterdam, NL12/3/2020Ph.D GraduateAcademiaPost-Doc
2020-11-13Data EngineerChicago, IL, USA; RemoteBachelor's DegreeIndustryFull-Time
2020-11-13Computation and Data Specialist at UC Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA, USA4/1/2021Master's DegreeAcademiaFull-Time
2020-11-13Assistant Professor of Data ScienceBoston, MA, USAFacultyAcademiaFull-Time
2020-11-16SPAR Lab GIS PostdocPh.D GraduateAcademiaPost-Doc
2020-11-16Research TechnicianRemote11/23/2020Bachelor's DegreeAcademiaPart-Time
2020-11-17Integrative Data Analytics InternWoodland, CA, USACurrent Grad StudentIndustryContract
2020-11-19Biodiversity Data ScientistNorwich, VT, USAMaster's DegreeNon-profitFull-Time
2020-11-20Data and Reporting AnalystOakland, CA, USBachelor's DegreeNon-profitFull-Time
2020-11-20Internship: Data Scientist for AI against Modern SlaveryRemoteBachelor's DegreeNon-profitInternship
2020-11-23Data AnalystDenver, CO, USABachelor's DegreeNon-profitFull-Time
2020-11-23Quantitative Research Associate Washington, DC, USAMaster's DegreeNon-profitFull-Time
2020-11-24City Data FellowBaltimore, MD, USACurrent UndergradGovernmentInternship
2020-11-24LexisNexis Data Science InternSan Francisco, CA, USACurrent Grad StudentIndustryInternship
2020-11-24Data Science Summer InternSanta Barbara, CA, USACurrent Grad StudentIndustryInternship