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"Participatory Mapping with Field Papers" #maptimeDavis Workshop on March 10, 2020

The Spatial Sciences Research & Learning Cluster is a community for people (undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, post docs, staff, etc.) at UC Davis and our immediate community with an interest in working with spatial data. Participation is open to everyone, at any skill level. The Spatial Sciences Research & Learning Cluster is a welcoming and supportive community.

This research and learning cluster provides two specific avenues for engaging with spatial data:

  1. #maptimeDavis Workshops - Instructor-lead formal workshops teaching a specific skills. These workshops typically require participants to bring a laptop computer with software installed pertaining to the topic of the workshop (we'll let you know what you need before hand).
  2. #maptimeDavis Studio - A time for community discussion and learning. Typical meetings include introductions; descriptions of people's work; sharing of successes, trouble spots, and questions; and group learning on a scheduled topic. For Fall 2020, we will focus on the same topic as the previous week's workshop. You do not need to have active, on-going research to participate or be a valuable resource to this community. We recognize that ideas, learning, and engagement happen on many levels.

How to participate: #maptimeDavis Workshops and Studio will meet on alternate weeks on Tuesdays 10:00-12:00 in via Zoom.

Please send questions to Michele Tobias -

#maptimeDavis Workshop & Studio Schedule

Workshops and Studio meetings meet Tuesdays 10:00-12:00 via Zoom, unless otherwise noted. Zoom connection details are in the link for each event.

Registration is required to get the link for the event.

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#maptimeDavis Workshops & Studio Sessions will return in September 2021. Have a great summer!

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