DataLab generates and facilitates interdisciplinary research and training across the diversity of big data users and researchers at the UC Davis campus and UC Davis Medical Center, including:


Training and incorporation of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in data science is a core mission of DataLab. By drawing from students and researchers in programs from across campus, we foster intellectual exchange and interdisciplinary interactions. Active affiliates have access to our resources (space, computers, community, etc.), priority registration at DataLab workshops and hackathons, and are eligible to apply for competitive travel grants, GSR positions, and other select opportunities.


Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by a current DataLab faculty member. Nominations are considered during the annual call for membership and on a rolling basis as space is available. Students and postdocs are welcome and encouraged to attend seminars, workshops and tutorials prior to applying for membership.


We expect all affiliates to be actively engaged with DataLab. You’ll get to learn and share new things, get ideas for your research, develop new projects, find new information, and network among yourselves and others. This interdisciplinary interaction is valuable and rare, and requires investing the time to participate.

  1. Attend the semiannual DataLab networking mixer.
  2. Develop and implement a data science community project.
  3. Participate in our workshops. Help out as a “TA” for at least one workshop a year. This is a great way to deepen your expertise, and share and connect with the community.
  4. Actively engage in Affiliate opportunities at DataLab including pilot workshops, research talks, and our online Affiliates platforms.

DataLab Affiliate membership is reviewed annually.


UC Davis faculty may join if:

  • Their research area is either represented in, or appropriate for, research in data science.
  • Their research benefits from application or existing or development of new data science tools.
  • Their scientific contributions are of obvious merit and commensurate with those of current members.
  • They have contributed to or can be expected to contribute to DataLab’s research, training, community building and/or other strategic activities.


Candidates for membership must be brought to the attention of the DataLab directorate (Executive and Associate Directors). Candidates may self-nominate or be nominated by a current DataLab faculty member. Nominations are accepted year round. Promotion to Senior Fellow is commensurate with degree of engagement. To apply, contact us for the (brief) application link.


We encourage DataLab participation by Project Scientists, Research Specialists, Academic Coordinators, and other non-faculty professionals. These individuals are often in the trenches and at the forefront of data science and provide continuity for ongoing research projects.