Digital Humanities

Fall 2022: TBA

The Digital Humanities Research Cluster (DHRC) supports a community of digital humanists at UC Davis. We define digital humanities in a broad sense: participants’ interests span humanities disciplines, and their approaches range from computational analysis to humanities-based critiques of data and society. Participation is open to everyone, at any skill level. The only prerequisite is a desire to learn more about the digital humanities, both at UC Davis and beyond.

DHRC participants collaboratively decide on our topics, themes, discussions, and readings. Typically we host speakers, run open research presentations, and hold conversations and tutorials about particular research methods.

The DHRC is co-sponsored by DataLab and the English Department.

For more information please contact DataLab postdoc Tyler Shoemaker or Executive Director Carl Stahmer.

Events Calendar: Fall 2022


*for a Zoom link, contact Tyler Shoemaker.

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