Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities

Winter 2021: TBD
Location: Online

The DHRC is an interdisciplinary research cluster that is designed to equip graduate students in the humanities with practical skills and knowledge in programming to assist with their research projects. It is a multi-year, ongoing cluster that accommodates all levels of experience, with topics, themes, discussions, and readings being decided collaboratively by attendees.

The DHRC is co-sponsored by DataLab and the English Department.

For more information please contact DataLab postdoc Tyler Shoemaker, Samuel Pizelo, or Executive Director Carl Stahmer.

Events Calendar: Winter 2021

13-JanSinging Nature’s Secrets: Michael Maier’s Atalanta fugiens (1618) and Furnace and Fugue (2020). Announcement hereTara Nummedal
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