Davis R Users Group

D-RUG is a community of R-Users at UC Davis who support each other in using R for science and research.  D-RUG meets weekly in the DataLab classroom (Shields 360) during the academic year to provide a space for beginning and intermediate users to learn from each other in an open and informal setting.  Meeting times for Winter 2020 are Thursdays at 10am until noon, but change quarterly. For more information and to join D-RUG’s listserv for meetup announcements and schedule, see here.

1/16/20Using dplyr to transform your data: group_by, summarize, arrange and count
01/23/20Intro to rasters
01/30/20tidyr converting between wide and long
02/06/20Intro to plotting with ggplot2: building plots iteratively through plotting time series
02/13/20Intro to plotting with ggplot2: faceting and themes
02/20/20intro to plotting with ggplot2: customization & arranging and exporting