Davis Python Users Group

The Davis Python Users Group (DPUG) is a friendly users group where community members, including DataLab staff, discuss their experiences, discoveries, and questions about using Python and about scientific computing in general. DPUG is open to anyone in the Davis community interested in Python for research, other professional work, or as a hobby (for homework help please go to your instructor/TA instead). The group is currently led by Ph.D. Candidate Maggie Berrens and Data Scientist Nick Ulle. The group was founded by Professor Andrew Fox.

Most DPUG meetings are informal “studio” sessions, which may begin with a short presentation (15-20 minutes) to prompt discussion. You’re encouraged to share your perspectives, bring your own questions, or just pull up a virtual seat and code along. We also occasionally host formal workshop sessions, where one or more instructors teach a topic to a wider audience.

Spring 2023 Schedule

For Spring quarter, the first studio meeting is Monday April 3 from 3-4pm. After that, we’ll meet every two weeks at the same date and time. All studio meetings will be virtual (over Zoom) and do not require registration in advance. Zoom links for the studio meetings will be sent out to the mailing list a few days in advance.

Special events and workshops usually do require registration in advance. The dates and times for these are shown below.

DateTimeTypeRegistrationDescriptionLed By
Apr 33-4pmStudioStart of Quarter Meeting
Apr 173-4pmStudioMatplotlib Tips & TricksCameron Riddell
May 13-4pmStudioProcessing JSON FilesEllen Osborn
May 42-4pmEventHereIntermediate Python: Next-level Data VisualizationNick Ulle
May 153-4pmStudioFirst Impressions of PolarsNick Ulle
May 29No MeetingMemorial Day
Jun 53-4pmStudioPlanning for Summer Intro to Python WorkshopMaggie Berrens

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To unsubscribe, send an email to sympa@ucdavis.edu with the subject line

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