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Introduction to SQL for Querying Databases

Get started with SQL.

Workshop: Spatial SQL

DESCRIPTION This workshop, taught by DataLab’s geospatial specialist Dr. Michele Tobias, provides an introduction to SQL

Getting to Know SQL Workshop (2-part; Nov 13 & 15)

DESCRIPTION Learn the basics of SQL in this two-part, hands-on workshop geared for undergraduates and those

Workshop: Intro to SQL for Querying Databases

DESCRIPTION This workshop provides an overview of the utility and base SQL commands for working with

DSI Workshop: Relational Databases & SQL

Using Relational Databases and SQL in R In this workshop led by Dr. Duncan Temple Lang,

Workshop: Efficient Code in R

Instructor: Dr. Duncan Temple Lang Date: April 28, 2017 Time: 12 – 2pm Description: It is