Spatial Sciences Archive

Hood Canal Landscape Assessment and Prioritization Tool (HC-LAP): A Web Mapping Application to Support Conservation Efforts in Hood Canal, Washington

See a demonstration of how how technical tools like web maps can be used to support

Mapping Tools for Policy Decisions (#maptimeDavis)

Title: Mapping Tools for Policy Decisions Description: Nate will be talking about and specifically the

Introduction to Google Earth Engine (#maptimeDavis)

Learn how to get started with Google Earth Engine, a powerful cloud-based spatial analysis tool.

Spatial SQL (#maptimeDavis)

Extend your SQL skills to work with spatial data!

Engaging Underserved Communities through GIS Mapping (#maptimeDavis)

Explore GIS for engaging underserved communities.

Working with Cal-Adapt Climate Data in R (#maptimeDavis & D-RUG)

Learn how to use data from Cal-Adapt, California's official go-to source for downscaled climate data.

Introduction to GIS with QGIS (#maptimeDavis)

This introductory-level workshop will focus upon the fundamental concepts and skills needed to explore and analyze

Engage Your Community with ArcGIS Hub (#maptimeDavis)

Learn how to work with organizations outside of UC Davis using ArcGIS Hub.

Building Web Maps with Leaflet (#maptimeDavis)

Learn to make web maps with the popular Leaflet web map library.

Building Maps with D3 (#maptimeDavis)

Learn to make user centered interactive maps with D3.