Spatial Sciences Archive

#maptimeDavis: Lightning Talks

In this session, you'll hear from a variety of researchers about their work with geospatial data

#maptimeDavis Studio: Art Software for Cartography & Other Visual Research Communication

Learn about vector illustration software for finishing cartographic works or enhancing graphic from research output, such

#maptimeDavis: Introduction to Spatial Statistics in R

Spatial data aren't always independent, which can cause problems for selecting an appropriate statistical method. In

#maptimeDavis: Projected Coordinate Systems in R

Learn how to work with projected coordinate systems in R for spatial data.

#maptimeDavis: Agent-Based Modeling with NetLogo

Learn the basics of agent-based modeling in NetLogo.

#maptimeDavis: End-to-end Deep Learning Workflows using Geospatial Technology

Geospatial technology helps in preparing and training the samples for the deep learning model to run,
Spatial Science RLC

Join #maptimeDavis Council

UC Davis DataLab's Spatial Sciences Research & Learning Cluster is convening the #maptimeDavis Council, a new

#maptimeDavis: Simplified Volcano Hazards Maps: Lessons Learned and Future Directions

Learn about the challenges of representing highly technical scientific information about volcano hazards on maps and

Getting started with the new ArcGIS Field Maps (#maptimeDavis Workshop)

Join this workshop to learn how ArcGIS Field Maps can streamline the critical workflows that field

Working with Address Data (#maptimeDavis Studio)

In this Studio session, we'll continue our discussion of working with address data. Bring your questions,