Research and Learning Cluster Archive

Spatial R: Migrating from Raster to Terra (#maptimeDavis & D-RUG)

Migrate your R scripts using R's raster package to terra!

Geobeverages Meet Up (#maptimeDavis)

Meetup with other geospatial folks for a relaxed discussion!

Exploring the National Zoning Atlas (#maptimeDavis)

Explore the National Zoning Atlas

GIS Co-Working Day (#maptimeDavis)

Get and give input on work in the geospatial community!

Intro to ArcPro (#maptimeDavis)

Transition from ArcMap to ArcPro!

Workshop – Intro to GIS with QGIS (#maptimeDavis)

Get started learning GIS or working with QGIS!

Intro to Making Maps with Google Earth Pro (#maptimeDavis)

Learn to make maps quickly and effectively in Google Earth Pro!

Davis Python Users Group: Studio Session

The Davis Python Users Group (DPUG) is a friendly users group where community members, including DataLab

#maptimeDavis: Photogrammetry & Working with Drone Data

Learn the tools and workflows for working with drones for capturing spatial data! Please RSVP via

#maptimeDavis: Practicing Critical GIS in the Era of Big Data and AI

Learn how to navigate emerging AI tools and big data sources in the geospatial realm by