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Visualizing Your Research Data with Virtual Reality

Learn how to analyze your 3D scientific data using a Holodeck/the Matrix!

Technologies for Interactive and Dynamic Data Visualization

Get started with making dynamic visualizations in R or Python!

Network Visualization

This workshop for intermediate R users covers how to use the ggplot-related packages (GGally::ggnet2 and ggbipart)

Intermediate R: Next-level Data Visualization

Dive into the grammar of graphics with R's ggplot2 package to make beautiful, effective, and reproducible

Intermediate Python: Next-level Data Visualization

Learn to use Python to make clear, high-quality data visualizations.

Building Web Maps with Leaflet (#maptimeDavis)

Learn to build interactive web maps with Leaflet!

Principles of Data Visualization from Perception to Statistical Graphics

Join us to learn how to make effective data visualizations for your research.

Responsible Data Science

Are you interested in increasing the impact of your research with data science? Register for this

Developing Your Data Science Portfolio

Learn how to demonstrate your technical skills by creating a digital portfolio.

Stepping Outside the CAVE: Developments in Virtual Reality Technology for 3D Data Exploration

Learn how Virtual Reality (VR) technology can transform your data exploration and analysis workflows!