Affiliated Event Archive

#maptimeDavis: Lightning Talks

In this session, you'll hear from a variety of researchers about their work with geospatial data

#maptimeDavis Studio: Art Software for Cartography & Other Visual Research Communication

Learn about vector illustration software for finishing cartographic works or enhancing graphic from research output, such

#maptimeDavis: Introduction to Spatial Statistics in R

Spatial data aren't always independent, which can cause problems for selecting an appropriate statistical method. In

#maptimeDavis: Projected Coordinate Systems in R

Learn how to work with projected coordinate systems in R for spatial data.

#maptimeDavis: Agent-Based Modeling with NetLogo

Learn the basics of agent-based modeling in NetLogo.

#maptimeDavis: End-to-end Deep Learning Workflows using Geospatial Technology

Geospatial technology helps in preparing and training the samples for the deep learning model to run,

#maptimeDavis: Simplified Volcano Hazards Maps: Lessons Learned and Future Directions

Learn about the challenges of representing highly technical scientific information about volcano hazards on maps and

Getting started with the new ArcGIS Field Maps (#maptimeDavis Workshop)

Join this workshop to learn how ArcGIS Field Maps can streamline the critical workflows that field

Critical Approach to Data Visualization

This workshop will unpack the subjective process of data visualization and its relationship to concepts of

Introduction to Text Mining and NLP for Health Data

This workshop covers an introduction to natural language processing (NLP) and caveats for its application to