Affiliated Event Archive

Introduction to Desktop GIS with QGIS (#maptimeDavis)

This introductory-level workshop will focus upon the fundamental concepts and skills needed to explore and analyze

#maptimeDavis: Introduction to PostGIS with Crunchy Data

Learn PostGIS, a powerful, open-source extension to the PostgreSQL database.

#maptimeDavis: ArcGIS Field Maps

ArcGIS Field Maps is one of the Esri mobile apps that combines data collection, map viewing,

#maptimeDavis: Getting started with ArcGIS Online

Get started with an account in ArcGIS Online for Organizations, and how to understand and work

#maptimeDavis: Interactive maps in R shiny

Create and customize professional-quality, interactive maps in R shiny.

#maptimeDavis: Is my research mappable? Intro to map-making & GIS for researchers

Get started working with spatial data for your research.

#maptimeDavis: Accessing cloud-hosted NetCDF with Python via Zarr, turbocharged with ReferenceFileSystem

Harness the cloud-optimization of the Zarr data format with existing NetCDF/HDF5 datasets.

Health Data Science Express

Do you work on Health Related Research and have a question about a data set, software,

#maptimeDavis: Lightning Talks

In this session, you'll hear from a variety of researchers about their work with geospatial data

#maptimeDavis Studio: Art Software for Cartography & Other Visual Research Communication

Learn about vector illustration software for finishing cartographic works or enhancing graphic from research output, such