DataLab is seeking a full-time Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives. This is a business development position. As Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives, you will be responsible for establishing and managing relationships between DataLab and campus external entities, such as commercial entities, National Laboratories, and government and funding agencies. This will include developing, establishing, and maintaining collaborative initiatives, such as internship programs and joint research efforts, and funding opportunities, such as grants, fellowships, and financial gifts. You will also identify opportunities for DataLab community events such as Hackathons and Challenges that engage with entities external to campus and also be responsible for planning and hosting these events with the support of the DataLab Directorate and Staff. You will also participate in DataLab strategic planning to ensure that the DataLab’s training and community development efforts are well aligned with the needs of industry and will best serve the professional development of our patrons. If you are a skilled communicator and interpersonal leader who values collaboration, teamwork, and outreach, consider joining our team!

This position is open until filled. Applications will be reviewed weekly beginning 1/9/2024.

DataLab is a highly interdisciplinary, cross-university entity that serves as a hub for researchers and students across domains who are interested in pushing the envelope of research in the digital age. DataLab is housed in the UC Davis Library.

Minimum Education/Experience:          

  • Master’s degree in Business Administration or similar graduate degree in business management and development and two years of experience working in a business management and development and/or business-to-business relationship management capacity in the technology sector OR Bachelor’s degree in Business or business related field of study and six years of experience working in a business management and development and/or business-to-business relationship management capacity in the technology sector;
  • Demonstrated program and project planning and management expertise;

Minimum Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA):

  • Advanced presentation and persuasive skills.
  • Excellent leadership and teamwork skills. Ability to work independently, and to collaborate successfully as a team leader or team member.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills sufficient to present clear, unambiguous project proposals and reports, as well as technical specifications and documentation, to both expert and general public audiences.
  • Attention to detail and organization skills for honing in on each necessary task.
  • Advanced decision-making and problem-solving skills.
  • Interpersonal skills for building meaningful relationships with clients/partners.

Additional Preferred License/Certification:

  • Relevant certifications, such as the Certified Business Development Professional or Certified Business Development Expert credentials.

Preferred Education/Experience:             

  • Education or professional background in Data Science or related statistical or computational field.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Extensive knowledge of productivity tools and software.
  • Knowledge of Data Science methods.

For more information about the position and to apply, please visit the official job advertisement or search for Job ID 62599 via the UC Davis Jobs Portal.

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