DataLab is developing a new training pathway for Data Visualization, with a full lineup of workshops being taught in spring 2023. Through our partnership with the UC Davis GradPathways Institute, DataLab has developed several data science micro-credential pathways for our research community to discover and grow their skills and gain a competitive edge in today’s data-driven workplace environments. The micro-credential program allows UC Davis graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to track and showcase skills learned outside the traditional curriculum by earning digital badges that document and certify their learning journey.

The Data Visualization Pathway focuses on core perception and design principles as well as various technologies for creating reproducible static, dynamic, and immersive research visualizations. Badges towards a micro-credential are earned by participating in workshops and completing associated assessment activities. This new pathway can be completed in a one-quarter burst, so even if you’re nearing the end of your graduate program at UC Davis, you have the opportunity to enroll and finish by June 2023. The pathway should go live sometime in spring 2023, but learners don’t need to wait to enroll in the pathway before signing up for workshops.

DataLab also supports the existing Research Computing pathway, which focuses on core programming technologies and skills, and the Text Mining and Natural Language Processing pathway, which focuses on tokenizing, text classification, topic modeling, and more.

Learn more about the micro-credential program, signup for DataLab’s pathways, and discover other training opportunities at the GradPathways Institute.

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