The UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) requests applications in response to this call for Health Data Analytics proposals to be conducted in the 2022-2023 funding period (October through May). These awards are intended to support short-term high impact analytics in health data science for current projects and to aid in providing data for extramural grant applications.

Applications responsive to this call include, but are not limited to, the following:
• Analysis of existing collected clinical and translational health data, such as the COVID Research Data Set (CORDS) or projects that have completed data collection (do not require IRB approval)
• Methods applied to different forms (e.g., text, image, audio) of existing biomedical and health datasets for linkage and integration with other knowledge sources (do not require IRB approval)
• Data presentation and visualization applied to existing biomedical health datasets
• Mechanisms for discovering and sharing clinical or protected research data
• Projects that have the potential to contribute to improving efficiency, effectiveness, equity, or impact of translational research will be favorably considered.

Proposals NOT responsive to this call include:
• Projects requiring new IRB approval
• Projects involving equipment purchases
• Projects involving clinical trials that are not already completed
• Projects seeking to collect data from patients prospectively
• Projects that do not involve biomedical or human health data
• No human or animal-based research that requires IRB or IACUC approval, respectively, will be considered.

Funds requested cannot exceed $15,000 in total costs. Funds must be used by May 31, 2023; no carry forward of funds is permitted. Funds may not be used to purchase equipment or for personnel outside of UC Davis. PI (and other faculty) salary support is not permissible, nor is travel or other non-health data analytic related costs. No external vendor costs are permitted.

Allowable costs include the following:
• Salary, wages, and tuition for trainees or other personnel (undergraduates, graduate students, staff)
• Service costs for the CTSC (e.g., informatics, biostatistics), DataLab, or other UC Davis services
Important criteria considered in the review of these applications will include the following:
• Inclusion of a multidisciplinary team
• Inclusion of trainee(s) as collaborators or key contributors
• Extent of use of CTSC resources (see CTSC website;

Purpose: The UC Davis CTSC provides an academic home for clinical and translational research and is
focused on speeding improvements in human health by reducing barriers in health-relevant research. The goal of the CTSC Pilot Program is to enhance and augment research areas crucial to translational research by providing support for novel research projects, the development of new teams and partnerships, high risk/high impact research, projects that span the translational spectrum, and lifespan health. In addition, the Pilot Program fosters new multidisciplinary collaborations that enhance the integration of new process-directed concepts, techniques, and technologies.

Eligibility: All full-time members of the UC Davis faculty, including faculty in the adjunct or professional research series. Project Scientists can participate as co-investigators or trainees. PIs must be a faculty member for the application to be considered and submissions from more than one school (co-PIs) are strongly encouraged.

Application Procedure: Proposals must use the application form circulated with this call and can be downloaded from the CTSC website.

Submissions that are not on the CTSC application form for this call for proposals will not be considered. The submission must also include an NIH biographical sketch in the current NIH format (maximum of 5 pages)for each participating investigator including predoctoral or postdoctoral (PhD or clinical fellow) trainees. PIs must ensure that all NIH biosketches included in the application meet all current NIH requirements; please check carefully prior to submission. No applications that require IRB or IACUC approval will be considered.

Additional Requirements: The names of investigators funded through the CTSC Pilot Program will be posted on the CTSC website. In addition, all investigators and trainees are required to participate in CTSC workshops or symposia, acknowledge the CTSC grant in any abstracts, presentations, or publications (with a PMCID number as required by the NIH; see website) resulting from supported studies, and provide quarterly progress reports, a final report, and an annual report with updates on any new funding, publications, or related accomplishments resulting from the award.

Application receipt deadline: October 1, 2022, by 5 pm PST
Earliest funding date: November 2022 (projects must be completed by May 31, 2023; carryforward of
funds is not permitted by the NIH)

Each PI may submit one proposal only. Please email a pdf of the complete application (application with
the required biosketches that meet all NIH requirements and submitted on the required application form
as one pdf document) to: For questions, please contact Nick Anderson, PhD ( or Alice Tarantal, PhD (