UC Davis DataLab is a cross-university effort that supports data science research and training. Our Affiliates program has been quiet during the past two years of the pandemic as our community’s needs were understandably elsewhere, and now we’re excited to reboot the program! Our goal for the Affiliates program is to support graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, and UC Davis affiliated researchers with opportunities to grow their data science engagement. Affiliates will gain access to additional resources, trainings, networking events, hackathons, and teaching opportunities, along with an official DataLab Affiliation!

Application Form

Who can be a DataLab Affiliate?

Any graduate student, postdoc, or non-faculty researcher already affiliated with UC Davis can apply to become a DataLab Affiliate! (Faculty are invited to contact DataLab about our Faculty Fellows program, and undergraduates are encouraged to join an existing or develop a new data science club.)

What do DataLab Affiliates do?

DataLab Affiliates engage in data science research and training at UC Davis by proposing and leading activities that enrich the UC Davis community.

What support and resources do DataLab Affiliates receive?

DataLab will provide physical meeting spaces, some funds in support of Affiliate activities, access to shared computers via the Farm HPC, professional development and networking opportunities, and early access to newly developed training workshops and GSR opportunities.

What are example Affiliate activities?

Coordinating a journal club or lecture series on a topic of interest; offering a regular help session around a topic; developing Web resources and documentation; designing, leading and/or helping with workshops; or joining an existing or planned “task force” (see below). Note that the activity can be ongoing – it does not need to be newly created for the Affiliates program! Also check outsee the Events calendar (https://datalab.ucdavis.edu/eventscalendar/) to see some upcoming activities you may be interested in supporting.

What commitment is needed to be a DataLab Affiliate?

We suggest planning to spend no more than an hour a week, on average. We also plan to have all-hands Affiliates meetings once or twice a quarter; although they won’t be mandatory, participation should be fun! 

How do I become a DataLab Affiliate?

Fill out this solicitation form (ucdavis.edu login required) with your idea or activity by Wednesday, October 5, 2022 and we’ll be in touch! Your proposed activity can be specific, non-specific, or just mention that you’re interested in a task force (below). We are happy to work with you to identify something more specific and connect you with other interested people.

What are existing or planned task forces?

Training, documentation, problem solving, coordination, and/or community building for:

  • High Performance Computing
  • Data Science in the Life Sciences and Bioinformatics
  • Data Science in the Social Sciences
  • Experiential Education
  • Community Resources (i.e., building DataLab Web pages and gathering information for the UC Davis data science community)

If you’re interested in working with others on these specific topics, please put that in your form response and we’ll connect you with other people who are interested in the same!


Come to our weekly office hours or email us at datalab@ucdavis.edu.