In Winter quarter 2022 DataLab will be hosting events as part of the annual Women in Data Science Datathon and global Conference. Check back here for details!

Save the Date

  • WiDS Datathon Davis kickoff – coming winter 2022
  • WiDS Global Conference watch party – March 7, 2022
  • WiDS Davis Conference – March 8, 2022

WiDS Datathon

The 5th Annual Women in Data Science (WiDS) Datathon launches in January and closes at the end of February 2022. This year’s challenge is on mitigating the effects of climate change with a focus on energy efficiency. The WiDS Datathon dataset was created in collaboration with Climate Change AI (CCAI) and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab). WiDS Datathon participants will analyze regional differences in building energy efficiency, and build models to predict building energy consumption – an important first step in understanding how to maximize energy efficiency. Accurate predictions of energy consumption can help policymakers target retrofitting efforts to maximize emissions reductions. ​“We see building retrofitting as a low-hanging fruit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”, said Nikola Milojević-Dupont, Chair of the Content Committee at Climate Change AI. “Predicting energy consumption of buildings helps identify retrofitting approaches that can ultimately reduce emissions.” Winners will be announced at the WiDS Worldwide Conference held in-person, and online, on March 7, 2022. Read more about the datathon and how to sign up, here.

DataLab will be hosting a series of workshops in February, and datathon-specific mentoring events in January-February, to help local participants develop their projects. Sign up now to participate in the global datathon and check back here for details regarding the Davis kickoff and relevant workshops!

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