The US Census Bureau, through, is hosting an open challenge to create new products or data analyses which address: 1) Climate, Resilience, and the Natural Environment; 2) Society, Economy, and the Built Environment; or 3) Health and COVID-19. With a total cash prize pool of $310,000 it is well worth exploring further!

The challenge goals and categories are described as:

In this competition, prizes will be awarded in 3 main categories that capture a range of critical problems, as described below. Teams applying for the prize must submit their product in at least one category, and can submit in up to two categories.

Climate, Resilience, and the Natural Environment: e.g., products focusing on challenges such as reducing ocean plastic pollution, creating markets for recycled materials, enabling data for agricultural decision making, transportation emissions, air quality, community resilience to climate change, or other similar natural environment and climate challenges.

Society, Economy, and the Built Environment: e.g., products focusing on challenges such as family economic well-being and economic security, rural economic development, civics education, supporting small and minority-owned businesses, analyzing federal spending, infrastructure planning around housing and migration trends, affordable housing, assisting resettled refugees, or other social and economic challenges.

Health and COVID-19: e.g., products focused on challenges such as helping state and local public health authorities track and understand COVID-19, helping stakeholders working alongside healthcare make key operational decisions, and helping consumers and businesses manage point of care testing data outside lab settings, or other COVID-19 health-related challenges.

Submissions are due October 24th! You can find more information at the main event page here.