To participate in this Data Challenge, comply with the Submission Requirements and follow the Submission Instructions described below.

Submission Requirements

The Contest will accept any type of solution, including apps, websites, data visualizations or visualization tools, analyses contained in standalone documents, etc.

    • Submissions can be rough—anything from wireframes to functioning websites/apps work


    • Entrants must submit a brief (1 or 2 paragraph) description of their entry, as well as a PowerPoint of no more than five slides in PDF or PPTX format that describes their entry. Entrants are also required to make a brief (5 minutes or less) presentation at the judging event on December 9 (either in-person or remotely), and may present any material of their choosing in this presentation (PowerPoint slides, videos, demos, etc.).


    • Submissions will be accepted from teams or individuals.


  • Submissions can make use of any publicly available data sources. Submissions should not include any data that is not available to the general public.


Please visit the event’s registration page to sign up.

Submission Instructions

Participants can submit their products using whatever option from the list below is most convenient and appropriate to their product type, but all entries should be accompanied by an email as described below. Entries must be received by 5:00 pm PST on December 5, 2016. Options for submitting entry products include:

    • Email for submission of small standalone files or links to websites / apps / etc.


    • A file sharing service (FTP site) for uploading larger files


    • GitHub for submitting open-source code and other file types


  • Submissions will be accepted from teams or individuals.

To submit your entry, send an email to with the following information:

    1. Your Name


    1. The name and email address of any team members (if applicable)


    1. Project Title


    1. A brief (1 or 2 paragraph) description of your entry


    1. A list of the datasets you used (or would plan to use if your entry is a proof-of-concept entry). For example, the name of any datasets on the open data portal you used, the name of any other Water Board datasets you used, and/or the name and URL of any other publicly available dataset(s) you used.


    1. An attached PowerPoint file of no more than 5 slides that describes your entry


    1. Depending on your submission type, either:


    1. A link to your website / app / etc.


    1. An attached standalone document


    1. The name of any file(s) uploaded to the FTP site. The FTP site is at: (Username: OIMA_upload / Password: AqcmBp)


  1. A link to your GitHub repository

If you have any questions about how to submit your entry, please email

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