From October 2014 through July 2105 the UC Davis DAMS Working group engaged in an assessment of 29 potential DAMS platforms in order to determine a DAMS platform for implementation in the UC Davis libraries. Based on the Library Digital Data and Asset Management Task Group’s evaluation of available DAMS platforms, the Task Group makes the following recommendations:

  1. The Library should implement a local instance of the Sufia DAMS platform.
  2. The Library should devote a 50% FTE Developer to the DAMS project to
    actively participate in the community development of the project in order to ensure that the platform develops over time in a manner that suits the functional requirements and needs of the Library.
  3. A standing governance working group (DAMS Working Group) should be
    convened to oversee implementation, development, and evaluation of the platform as well as establish platform related policies
  4. The Working Group should be chaired by the Director of Digital Scholarship and include the University Archivist and one member each from Information Technology Infrastructure Services (ITIS), Special Collections, and Online Strategy, and two members from Content Support Services.
  5. Department heads from each of the designated membership units will be responsible for designating themselves or appropriate members of their team to participate in the DAMS Working Group. The group will report directly to the University Librarian, who will serve on the Working Group in an ex officio capacity and have final decision- making authority for the Working Group.

The complete report can be found here: UC Davis DAMS Assessment Report